We don’t grow farms,
we grow farmers.

Revolutionising Agriculture and Redefining Farming

UDAAN is an initiative to improve the agricultural practices in every step of cultivation from sowing the seeds to selling in market through employing traditional as well as modern techniques. The objective is to create, consolidate and employ the already existing knowledge base to enhance every aspect of cultivation.

UDAAN’s aim is to employ every available resource, knowledge, manpower, Governments’ schemes and financial support to improve not only the agricultural output but to save and conserve the natural resources and rich bio diversity of Himalayan region (starting with Uttarakhand).


Since ages Uttarakhand, which is a part of Himalayas, has been rich in natural resources and biodiversity. It has been a provider to mankind through rivers, flora and fauna, medicinal plants and herbs, various type of food grains and …….



We are working in the direction of self sustained and self sufficient agriculture and ancillary endeavours with below listed objectives: …..