Since ages Uttarakhand, which is a part of Himalayas, has been rich in natural resources and biodiversity. It has been a provider to mankind through rivers, flora & fauna, medicinal plant and herbs, various type of food grains and forest products. Despite heavy exploitation by human beings, it is still fulfilling all the human requirement but not the human greed. The human greed has in return given it dying rivers, ghost villages, diminishing agriculture and depleting natural resources.

The strength of Himalaya is its regenerative natural resources, which, even if left untouched in its current state, can attain its original state and beauty again. Our belief is that If every village is prosperous in agriculture and they take care of the forest wealth around them, then it is possible to speed up the regeneration of the depleted Himalayas. For this to become a reality, every person living in Himalayan region  will have to take a resolution that they will work towards the betterment of Himalayas and in turn will give something valuable to our coming generation.

To turn this belief into reality, first of all, every village needs to re-establish its agricultural capability to prosper. The hill needs a new agricultural revolution in which employment, knowledge and training of modern agricultural techniques is extremely important. The need of the hour is to make every hill farmer technically proficient so that he can increase his efficiency and experience some novelty and pleasure in his work and every farmer needs to be trained in such a way that his Return on Investment increases and with innovative thinking and modern techniques farming becomes profitable endeavour.

With the amalgamation of cattle wealth and increased agricultural capabilities, the household income will be sufficient to stop the migration from hills to plains. There are many examples of people who have achieved this through individual efforts for themselves and are now self reliant and prospering. The idea is to turn these small and individual efforts into a movement by involving as many people as possible.

Our goal is to create a network of farmers working together to achieve self sustainability for all. This network will help farmers in every step of farming along with helping them to employ traditional as well as modern techniques in farming and help them selling their produce through various mediums and markets at a justified price.